Many thanks for being my angel.

By Yolie, 23 May 2018 Johannesburg, South Africa
Yui, RN
Nurse Escort Service on Business Class

Hello Yui,

Many thanks for being my angel.

I hope you are staying at a nice hotel and will have time to shop at a mall tomorrow.
I’m so sorry that I forgot to give you a tip. I also forgot to give the driver one.
Please keep in touch. I’m going to tell my granddaughter about the traveling nurse program.
My leg is starting to hurt so I’ll be ready to take my pain meds in about 30 minutes.
Hope you are back safely home. Once again, many thanks for assisting me. ?
My very best wishes to you.


Hello Again,

I’m glad you could shop.
I’ve been in lots of pain, because the pain tablets are hurting my stomach. My doctor gave me different pills, but still bother my stomach. Next week, I go see the orthopedic surgeon.
If you ever come to San Diego, let me know so I can take you to lunch. ??

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