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Asia Air Ambulance provides the safest and highest level of care for patients across the globe


Private Air Ambulance - Bangkok

High Competency and High-Standard Patient Care

We are a team of compassionate, licensed medical professionals and certified BLS, ACLS, TLS, ATLS, PALS and Aeromedical Transportation Course. With state-of-the-art and highly experienced medical professionals, we provide comprehensive and equitable bed-to-bed/ door to door delivery of services to hold our practice to a high standard of excellence to fulfil daily tasks, regardless of the behaviour of others or the circumstances.

Delivering Care with
Professional Manners

Asia Air Ambulance employs the competent and highly skilled professionals, cross-trained within all areas of the corporation. We commit to offer excellence in the provision of comprehensive, reliable and professional patient care. We offer the consistent and reliable delivery of services. Emergency care during the transport will be provided without regard of the patient’s ability to pay.

Making the world seem smaller in a time of need

Asia Air Ambulance always understands the urgency and concern of your situation so we ensure prompt and safe delivery of services offered. We provide world-class medical air transport services to help sick and injured travellers get home quickly and safely, no matter where they are in the world! We have successfully transported thousands of sick and injured travellers since 2002. We provide two (2) main services: Air Ambulance Service and Medical Escort Service on commercial airliners. The type of service needed depends on the patient’s illness, mobility and medical guidance.

We’re accredited by EURAMI

These standards reflect our commitment to providing exceptional aeromedical services

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