Our Services

Making the world seem smaller in a time of need

Asia Air Ambulance provides world-class air ambulance and medical repatriation services to help sick and injured travellers get home quickly and safely, no matter where they are in the world. We have access to a large fleet of specially-configured aircraft suitable for medical transportation, and employ a team of experienced, certified pilots and medical crew to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Air Ambulance Services

Every year, hundreds of critically ill and injured patients rely on Asia Air Ambulance for reliable and safe medical transport. Our air ambulance flights are staffed with two highly experienced pilots and a team of critical care physicians, nurses, and registered respiratory therapists. We utilise medically-configured aircraft, fully equipped with advanced life support systems, including Zoll X Series Monitor/Pacer/Defibrillator, ALS medication and equipment, Mini Med IV pumps, and Ventilator and iStat monitors.

Medical Escort Services

When patients can be transferred on a commercial aircraft, Asia Air Ambulance provides the right medical escort to accompany them, either seated or on a stretcher. We take care of all the transport details, from arranging the required medical clearances and working with airline staff to preparing ground transportation and providing the necessary medical equipment. All our certified medical escorts are equipped with Inogen One (G2) Concentrators and Advanced Life Support (ALS) medication and equipment.

Commercial Stretcher

When a patient needs to remain lying flat during transport, Asia Air Ambulance offers cost-effective, commercial stretchers to fit any flight configuration. Our medical escorts arrange for a block of seats to be removed from the aircraft, install an FAA-approved airline stretcher with a privacy curtain, and sit beside the stretcher to monitor the patient’s condition throughout the flight. This service allows patients to receive expert medical care without the high costs of booking a private air ambulance.