24/7 Emergency Aeromedical Transportation

Asia Air Ambulance provides the safest and highest level of care for patients across the globe


Private Air Ambulance - Bangkok

Private air ambulance

For patients unable to board a commercial flight, an air ambulance is the safest travel option. We provide medically-configured aircraft, fully loaded with advanced life support systems and staffed by flight-trained medical personnel, to quickly and safely transport patients to a medical facility more equipped to handle their particular needs.

Full-service medical escort

Our services are designed for medically-stable patients able to travel on commercial air carriers but who might need assistance during their journey. We handle all the arrangements, from booking first-class seats and coordinating ground transportation to preparing specialised medical supplies and monitoring the patient’s condition throughout the flight.

International Air Ambulance - Bangkok

Making the world seem smaller in a time of need

Asia Air Ambulance is a team of compassionate, certified flight coordinators and medical personnel who understand the urgency of your situation. We have successfully transported hundreds of sick and injured travellers since 2002. With state-of-the-art jets and highly experienced pilots and medical crews, we’re able to deliver unparalleled patient care, comfort, and safety.

We’re accredited by EURAMI

These standards reflect our commitment to providing exceptional aeromedical services